Consulting Services

Consulting ServicesThermal Processing Solutions, Inc. (TPS) is a global leader in the manufacture of thermal processing solutions for chemicals, engineered materials. Beyond providing equipment, systems, and contract processing services, we also offer process consulting services to help our customers optimize their processing operations. 

Our Consultation Capabilities

Our thermal processing consulting services are a primary component of our overall business profile. We perform consultation services as a means of helping customers identify and implement solutions into their production processes, whether that be a new application being considered or respecifying an existing one.

These services may include participation in a client study, respecifying equipment, and developmental testing on production-scale equipment for proof of concept and follow-on sample material campaigning. 

Developmental and Production Testing

Ideally, developers of production-scale equipment work out all the system bugs before rolling it out, but reality does not always fit with the ideal. One of the best safeguards for production-scale equipment performance is conducting a thorough product testing program. At TPS, we provide developmental and commercialization product testing to help the Client’s accurate product specifications.  

Sample Material Campaigning

Sample material campaigning relates to the development and production testing in that it allows manufacturers to determine which materials provide the most cost-effective and functional performance. Helping to identify these materials for specific product campaigns is also part of our consulting services. The team at TPS has significant experience assisting clients in their product development and commercialization efforts, whether it be for in-house development efforts, are larger-scale campaigns for a Client’s customer product testing program.

Industries Served

The processing and consulting services provided by TPS serve a broad range of industries with a variety of applications. Some of the most common industries we serve include: 

Contract processing services are suitable for a wide range of materials, to name a few:

  • Catalysts and Catalyst supplements
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Battery cathode materials
  • High-purity materials
  • Nanoscale materials
  • Alumina-silicates
  • Refractory materials
  • Microspheres
  • Activated carbon

Why Partner With TPS?

As global leaders in the thermal processing of various fine chemicals, engineered materials,  TPS has the experience and expertise necessary to provide customers with quality process consultations. In addition to our consulting services, we also offer:

  • Thermal processing equipment and systems (such as calciners, dryers, and kilns)
  • Equipment/system replacement parts
  • Contract processing

To learn more about how we serve chemical and engineered material manufacturers or request a quote for a consultation from one of our experts, contact us today.